The Chester County Overdose Prevention Task Force was formed in March 2015 to coordinate overdose death prevention efforts between various organizations. The Task Force is led by:

Our Vision

  • To ensure safe and healthy communities free of overdose deaths for Chester County residents

Our Mission

  • To prevent overdose deaths in Chester County through a multidisciplinary, coordinated effort between government departments, community organizations, and treatment providers

Our Goals

  • Increase awareness of the problems of substance use, misuse, and overdose in Chester County

  • Increase knowledge of strategies for preventing substance use, misuse, and overdose

  • Use overdose-related data to inform prevention efforts

What We've Achieved

  • Community symposia, presentations, and outreach

  • Continuing medical education events for health care providers

  • Naloxone standing order

  • Naloxone distribution

  • Medication drop box data collection